Our Advisory Board

Our work is overseen by an Advisory Board which meets quarterly to monitor and review programs.

Achieng Akena

Achieng Akena is a Kenyan lawyer and human rights and democracy practitioner with nineteen years of experience in varied regions and contexts, from Botswana to Afghanistan. She is currently the Executive Director for a continental NGO which does research, advocacy and capacitation around peoples’ rights before, during and after displacement: International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI). Achieng has engaged extensively with Africa's regional system, and worked within both United Nations and African Union peacekeeping missions. She holds a Master of Studies in International Human Rights Law from Oxford University.

Eric Wainaina

Eric is a husband, father and lover of animals. He says “I've written some cool music and won many awards. If you want more information, let's hang out”.

Faith Njahira

Faith is a feminist scholar, researcher and disability inclusion expert with muscular dystrophy. Her work covers aspects of disability inclusion including; assessment of special needs and disabilities, educational services and resources for persons with special needs and disabilities, current issues in disability and inclusion, disability sensitive research, the place of technology and new media in the intersection of disability as well as disability law.

Faith advocates for disability inclusion through knowledge creation that interrogates disability inclusion and mainstreaming, gender and disability, sexuality and disability and disability within humanitarian settings.

Faith is the Founder of Muscular Dystrophy Society Kenya. She is also a Mandela Washington Fellow and an Open Society Disability Rights and Inclusive Education Fellow. She is currently working on her PhD at the University of Pretoria.

Imani Alpha

Imani Alpha is the Community Manager at iGov Africa; a boutique innovation house that partners with Governments, Development Agencies, and Innovators for the development of the innovation ecosystem dedicated to efficient public service delivery through digital transformation. With a background in computer science and multiple years experience in the business development and technology sector, his focus has been on the intersection of business, policy and technology; as such, has been working with international organizations such as the UKAid, GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and the European Union, that are actively working to improve the base level outcomes on primary issues such as climate change, unemployment, security, poverty and developing sustainable solutions. This is with a bottom line of providing access to underrepresented people and communities; primarily black and people of color and those in marginalized groups and geographies.

Aida Holly-Nambi

A Ugandan born and raised in Kenya, Aida Holly-Nambi is a story editor across mediums, including audio, film, text, and virtual reality. She holds a dual PhD in Drama and Humanities from Stanford University in California, where she won the Geballe Dissertation Prize fellowship for her work. She is committed to shifting narratives around LGBT Africans through storytelling. As a lover of the arts, she also seeks to support meaningful, creative work. Most days, Aida can be found editing documentary audio with her production company Fathom Sirens or practising the dance moves of the K-pop group, BTS.

Dr. Brian Bichanga

Medical doctor who has a passion for human rights. Over the last couple of years, he has been instrumental in engagements with different professional bodies to create awareness as well as influence policy regarding the rights of the minority. When he is not chasing his dream to become a paediatric surgeon you will find him travelling and discovering new places.