Upinde Awards

Upinde Awards Gallery

Our Annual Upinde Awards celebrate individuals, institutions, and organisations that have gone above and beyond in empowering, protecting, and advancing the rights of LGBTIQ+ people in Kenya.
The first-ever edition was held in late 2012 at City Hall and was also the first event held by The Commission. The first Upinde Awards ceremony served as a launchpad for the organisation to announce our beginnings and our intention to be open and accessible to the community.

Shujaa Award

Award presented to individual who has demonstrated immense acts of courage in their protection of the Human Rights of LGBTIQ+ persons

Mauricio Ochieng’ Ochieng’

Kawira Mwirichia (Posthumously)

Solomon Wambua

Prof Lukoye Atwoli

Ubunifu Award

Award presented to a person, organization, or platform that uses creativity as a site of activism whether through visual arts, storytelling, podcasting, blogging or other forms of media arts or communication

Out Film Festival

Androgyny World

Carlo Kui

Rafiki (Film)

Utumishi Award

Award honours innovative partnerships in service delivery and engagement within the LGBTIQ+ Rights movement

Mitulla Shako & Associates

Nelson Mutungi

The Spread Podcast

Eco Voyage Travels Ltd.

Nguzo Award

Award recognizes funding partners, government agencies/departments, allies, family members, media, LGBTIQ+ individuals, and institutions whose financial, technical, and in-kind support has helped make significant contributions to the health, rights, and well-being of LGBTIQ+ individuals in Kenya

Rosemary Kasiba

Chanzo Award

Award recognizing and appreciating the Human Rights work of young and Upcoming Human Rights Defenders and initiatives, who are unafraid to stand up and speak for Human Rights

Initiative for Equality and Non-Discrimination

Marie Ramtu

Hasan Abdi Abdille

Evance Ogada

Trans-Alliance Kenya

Kelly Kigera

Evance Ogada